Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Official Insights Blog

I am pretty excited to announce the new official insights blog for The Private Banker. With this new blog I will provide you with some of my stories, experiences and market observations in a more simplified and clean way.

In my opinion there are various weird information about trading and other things on the World Wide Web, so I thought to create this blog with the purpose to be a service for the higher good. That said, the new website will be accessible free of charge and I do not wish to display any ads in whatever form there. However, my goal is to reach out to like-minded people and grow my network of contacts as well as to expand the community with members who wish to support The Private Banker.

I will use this window of opportunity to write research articles, reviews, stories and market observations that hopefully will be of some help for you as it is helpful for me in many ways. With our forum, educational community, the new blog and our lovely twitter feed we are on the right path to give you the most valuable information with the best possible services and products. Also, as technology keeps moving forward the new blog is optimized for mobile devices (Smartphones) for an optimal reading experience.

From now on the new blog is available at


PS: Make sure to subscribe to the new blog via email to keep yourself up to date.