Friday, October 31, 2014

Auction Market Theory

You would like to learn more about the Auction Market Theory (AMT) process we employ in our day-to-day trading? Our first recommandation is to read the books from Jim Dalton: Mind Over Markets and Markets In Profile.

This book is an examination of Market Profile(tm) charting concepts. The Market Profile principle is also used by knowledgeable and experienced day traders. This is the best available text on the subject. The key element that has long separated tremendously successful traders from all others is their intuitive understanding that time regulates all financial opportunities. In 1984, J. Peter Steidlmayer formally introduced the Market Profile as a way to graphically depict the acceptance or rejection of price over time. For the first time, what had once been the domain of the intuitve trader was not accessible to all traders.

Fifteen years since publishing Mind over Markets—their seminal work on markets and investor behavior—Dalton, Jones, and Dalton have greatly expanded their scope, delving deeply into the ways in which the auction process reveals the actions of all investor time frames. They believe that by understanding timeframe behavior through developing market structure, it is possible to identify asymmetric opportunities that can ameliorate risk and help ensure financial dominance.

Jim Dalton has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade as well as a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and Senior Executive Vice President of the CBOE during its formative years. Currently a full-time trader, Jim advises two hedge funds and several trading firms. Jim is a discretionary trader and long-time proponent of employing the Market Profile® to facilitate trading.

Alongside with the Private Banker Community you can learn and share your progress with this process. You can combine Dalton's book with our Premium Education to reach the next step in your trading business. The online community offers a home to professional traders to share ideas and learn from others, with an optional bespoke education study program resources accessible at a premium centered around AMT, sound approaches to risk management and business planning.

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